We are a branding, marketing, and production agency, based in Detroit, Michigan.

Brophy earns trust by consistently creating solutions to grow businesses, build brand equity, and fulfill other ever-evolving marketing needs. Our studio preserves its independent spirit as a family-owned company.

We are
Committed to craft

Technology has enabled great progress but also corner cutting in our industry. Brophy combines meticulous processes with an eye for design, color, and quality that makes our work stand out.

We Are
Pioneers of Production

We were founded in 1939, but we know that standing still is going backwards. We have always been pioneers of production — evolving with each successive generation to meet our clients' needs.

We Are
Passionate About Detroit

Brophy delivers work around the world, but our home is Detroit. We have continually operated in the City for over 80 years. We support Detroit’s cultural gems, new not-for-profit initiatives, and the city’s beautification.

We Are
Trusted to deliver

Brophy delivers on time, on budget, and to your expectations. That is how we have built multi-decade relationships with many of our clients.